Shredding the Canals from Pinecrest to Palmetto Bay

22 Jun

It is summertime in South Florida, and being in some sort of water is a must.

While the conservation of water is crucial to the survival of our planet, using it for recreational purposes is a necessity for these wakeskaters.

Spencer Nellen, 22, attempts a 360 shove it.

Spencer Nellen and Andrew Johnson use the canals in their neighborhood to practice kick flips, shove-its and wake-to-wake jumps. A wakeskate is similar to a wakeboard, but without the feet bindings, and with grip tape like a skateboard.

This video was filmed last summer with a GoPro, and was published on my old blog, H2Obsession, where I focused on the link between conservation of water and those who use it for fun. I profiled fishermen, and surfers as well. Enjoy!

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