Every reporter needs a vacation

24 Jul

A vacation for me has always been a day at the beach, or lately half a day off of work. But earlier this summer, I was given the opportunity to leave the country for the first time ever.

Well, to the Bahamas anyway and by Bahamas I mean about 50 miles east of Miami to the Island of Bimini. To me, it was a big deal.

I applied for a passport a few years ago in hopes of studying abroad in the Galapagos for environmental journalism, when the trip lost funding my passport became a backup ID in case I lost mine. But now, I have my first-ever stamp on the wrongly-weathered document.

And yes, since I am struggling, barely making enough to make the move 5 hours north to Gainesville to start my master’s, one may be wondering how I got the money to go on this trip–I went for free.


The bartender from my job, who is also my friend has a boyfriend that loves to fish. Her boyfriend helps captain the fishing boat of a local restaurant owner in Miami. They invited us along for the ride. And, since my boyfriend’s father knows people in Bimini, we had a free place to stay.

Being adventurous, we dove for conch and explored the reefs the entire time. And, being a reporter I used my GoPro to get footage.

It’s amazing how pristine the waters of the Bahamas are. The fish are a lot bigger than what we find in the states, in that sense, perhaps we could learn something from the Bohemians.

Check out the video! (I taught my boyfriend some editing so he helped out, enjoy!)

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