Fool proof way to be a good cook

28 Nov

A new study shows that adding vegetables to a meal doesn’t only up the nutritional value, but also makes others percieve you as a “good cook.”

Researchers  at Cornell University surveyed 500 US mothers and found that adding vegetables to a family meal would cause the preparer of the meal to be percieved as a better chef, more thoughtful and more caring. The main course of the meal, when veggies were added was also percieved to be more tasty.

This is lead author Dr. Brian Wansink.
Credit: Brian Wansink

“Most parents know that vegetables are healthy, yet vegetables are served at only 23% of American dinners,”lead author Brian Wansink, PhD, the John Dyson Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behavior at Cornell University said in a press release.  “If parents knew that adding vegetables to the plate could make what they prepare for dinner seem more appealing, or could increase their own “heroic” appeal, then maybe they’d be more inspired to serve vegetables.”

Respondents of the survey were asked to rate different meals, some having veggies and some without. The mothers were also asked to rank different personality traits of the chef. The results showed that veggies made the meal seem more  “complete,” “loving ” and  “tasty.”

“If a parent believes that adding a vegetable gives their family a better perception of the cook and what’s cooked, it may encourage them to serve vegetables more often,” Wansink said.  “Considering that most kids are not eating adequate amounts of vegetables, we need to explore new approaches to increase consumption.”

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