Americans attitudes toward environment more positive than policy

4 Dec

EnvironmentA new study shows that Americans are more than willing to participate in activities that favor the environment, even though rules and regulations may not require them to.

A report released today by VeraQuest, a global supplier of consumer insights, showed that only a third of Americans are required to recycle, but two out of three Americans not required to, do so anyway.

The report also found that two-thirds of Americans also agree with government subsidization of companies that produce cleaner energy, such as solar and wind. For those under age 40, almost 75 percent believe this policy should be a reality.

“Two facts struck me” Peter Gold, VeraQuest’s CEO said in a press release. “First, how counter-intuitive much of our findings are. I never would have dreamed that such a large percentage of Americans would support government subsidies to private corporations even for matters relating to energy.  And second, how radically different some opinions are by demographic group, particularly by age.”

The survey sampled 3,506 Americans over age 18 and found that overall, respondents (who were randomly selected to be representative of the population) cared about the environment.

A snapshot of other findings include: (from VeraQuest press release)

·         A fifth of Americans believe that society places too much emphasis on environmental issues
·         A greater percentage of Americans rank fuel efficiency ahead of safety as a factor to consider when buying/leasing a car
·         Forty-four percent of Americans believe they will buy/lease a car that uses an alternative source of energy sometime in their lifetime
·         Less than half of people who say they would prefer to buy organic food are willing to pay more for it
·         While only 2% of Americans belong to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, an additional 39% would be interested if the cost was reasonable

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