Movember coming to an end, Dollar Shave Club asking for donations

24 Nov

moEditor’s note: I received an email from the Dollar Shave Club asking me to help promote their cause on Layman’s Terms Media. Because this is a science and health blog, their cause seemed fitting. Check out the press release below to see how you can help fight prostate and testicular cancer while receiving discounts on razors!

Dollar Shave Club is raising money for the Movember Foundation to fight prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. We are running a campaign that results in a $10 donation for every single Movember referral.

Here’s what you do to start earning that Movember MOola:

1. Register your Movember page at
2. We’ll send you a unique proMO code.
3. Share your proMO code on your blog and tell your readers to use it when they sign up at
4. Your readers get great razors for a few bucks a month, you raise money for Movember without begging for donations. Everyone wins.

Now get growing!



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