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Finding a ‘green’ home takes shopping savvy

22 Jan

By: Rebecca Burton

As published in: The Miami Herald

Like many young couples, Kim Roller and her fiancé Ben Gerber know what they want in their first home. They know where they want it, how big it should be, and how much they can spend.

But after they met Realtor Carlos Ruiz de Quevedo, they added another feature to their wish list: energy-efficiency.

Now the couple has settled on an Energy Star certified home in Coral Gables.

“We fell in love with this home,” Roller said. “When we got down to looking at electricity bills, it really showed that the house had a financial plus. We didn’t start looking for just a green house, but the option weighed out better.”

As more and more home buyers seek “green” houses — to save money on electricity, to help the environment, or for both reasons — they may face a bewildering array of certification programs, each claiming to measure greenness. Buyers looking to purchase one of these homes need to know what each program measures and how authentic it is. Continue reading

Milk allergies, lactose intolerance often confused.

18 Sep

Milk allergies are more prevalent in children and infants and should be monitored.

By: Rebecca Burton

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