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Study offers new way for policymakers to value water

13 Nov

H20: These three simple characters are equivalent to one of the most important elements on Earth: water. But, until now,measuring the actual economical and ecological value of water in a way that is effective to decision makers has been problematic and inconsistent.

The quality of water effects not only the water we drink, but also the water we use for recreational purposes and water that we fish from. As human pressures on our water sources escalate, actions must be taken to soften the blow on water quality and  human well-being.

Researchers at University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment have proposed a new framework for policymakers to use when deciding what ecosystem changes need to take place to ensure the highest quality of water.  The authors of the study explained that a new framework was needed because past models failed to link actions with changes in human well-being and therefore underestimated the value of water. Continue reading