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UM student starts boat-shoe company with friends

15 Aug

A UM student has jumpstarted his own brand of customizable boat shoes, aimed at fraternities.

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By Rebecca Burton

ason Shuman, 21, and his four best friends launched a new brand of customizable boat shoes this summer, and are expanding to have campus representatives selling their product at over 80 universities nationwide this fall. (From left to right: Nathan Shron, 21, Jason Shuman, 21, Greg Karelitz, 21, Jeffrey Shuman, 24. NOT PICTURED: Julien Rousson, 21.) PHOTO COURTESY OF PHOTOS BY PAIGE

What started as a school project in an introduction to entrepreneurship class, has now turned in to a full-fledged business and made Jason Shuman, a 21-year-old rising senior at the University of Miami, the chief executive officer of his very own brand. His four best friends, who have stayed best friends since their elementary school days in Boston, are all part of the operation.

Shuman jumpstarted a business called Category 5 Boat Shoes, which provides the first-ever customizable boat shoes, specifically aimed at fraternity members who want their Greek letters on their shoes. But, Shuman said he is now working to get any logo on the sides of the shoe, including boat names, country club logos and the like. This winter, Cat5 will also launch a women’s line, aimed at sorority members. Continue reading